28 February 2011

Hosea (Come Back to Me)


At 10:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very beautiful song.! Jesus' encounters with the children posted in are so loving .It could touch one's heart at an instance.

Watching the video gave me a complete joy.! the feeling is wonderful. Readers please watch it.
you will feel amazed.

Thank you, thank you so much Fr.
Bobby !

God bless you and family.


At 10:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Going back to Jesus'fold....

a time to repent, reflect, recollect, to reconcile and to forgive.

Holy Week is the time to change our inner self, heart and spirit.
time to be alone with Jesus.the most wonderful experience one can ever have is to be alone with Him.
the most precious of all times.!




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