27 October 2010


Feast of Sts. Simon and Jude, Apostles
Lk 6:12-19

Simon was a “brother” of Jesus, as the ancients called one’s close relatives — aunts, uncles, first cousins. He was one of the Savior’s cousins mentioned in the New Testament. The other three were James, Jude and Joseph. They all grew up together in Nazareth (Cf. Mat 13:53-58). Of the four men, Simon, Jude and James became apostles of Jesus while Joseph remained His loyal disciple.

Simon belonged to the Zealot Party that struggled for the freedom of Israel from colonial rule. He preached the Gospel in Egypt, Mauritania (Spain), and Libya. He later rejoined his brother, Jude, in Persia, where they labored and died together as martyrs. However, at first Simon and Jude enjoyed the favor of the Persian king because they miraculously overpowered two ferocious tigers who used to cause terror among his subjects. Sixty thousand Persians became Christians with the Persian king himself included, and the pagan temples were replaced by Christian churches.

But When Simon and Jude went to other Persian territories the pagans commanded them to sacrifice to the sun god. The two refused. Thus, the idolaters fell on the two and massacred them. They died praising God and forgiving their murderers.

Simon did not leave us with anything written but Jude gave us a short but powerful epistle where he warns the new converts against false brethren and heretics.

The fact that the Apostles Simon and Jude were cousins of the Lord makes me think about my own kindred. How many of them have I brought closer to Jesus? Have I inspired any of them to follow the Lord, too? Together with James, their other cousin who also became an apostle, Simon and Jude must have been so captivated not only by the message of Jesus, but by Jesus, their Cousin, Himself; thus, they left everything behind and walked His way. All three of them, like the rest of the apostles except John, suffered martyrdom.

How privileged Simon, Jude, and James to be cousins of Jesus! Can my kindred also say, “How blest we are to be relatives of Fr. Bob!”?


At 9:44 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Irregardless of the affinity Fr.Bobby. You are God's sent to people under your flock, then and now.The hearts of many like me, were not only touched. You made God so alive in our hearts.

The Homilies you do prepare are simply so amazing, full of life, explicitly contained, a mirror of your great Love for Jesus.

People would say, how lucky are we to cross your path? Lucky, because we belong to your family, family who are in the same boat with Jesus, whose hearts you have been nurturing to be like Him.

Praying for you always Fr. Bobby !

God bless you and family



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