23 January 2009


Friday in the 2nd Week of Ordinary Time
Mk 3:13-19

An intimate relationship with Jesus follows a common pattern. It may be summarized into two words: come and go.

St. Mark gives us today the names of the twelve closest friends of Jesus. They were the first who heard His “come”. They, too, were the first to have received Jesus’ “go”. When Jesus told each of them “come”, they became His disciples. When He commanded them “go”, they became His apostles.

On the one hand, the word “disciple” comes from Latin, meaning “learner”. On the other hand, the word “apostle” is from Greek and means “to go forth”.

In other words, the Twelve were first students of Jesus before He sent them forth. He formed them, and then sent them for a mission.

This is true for all Christians, you and I included. In different degrees, we have been called and sent forth by Christ Jesus. Because we have been called, we ought to respond. Because we have been sent forth, we must go. Our response should be seen in our zeal in whatever assists our growth in following the footsteps of Jesus. Our going forth has to be focused on fulfilling the command of Jesus to spread the kingdom of God throughout the world. In different degrees and in various ways, our intimate relationship with Jesus journeys from discipleship to apostleship. Come – this is how it all started. Go forth – this is where that “come” must lead. This is what gives shape to our intimate relationship with Christ. What’s the shape of your intimacy with Him now?


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