22 January 2009


Thursday in the 2nd Week of Ordinary Time
Mk 3: 7-12

For the gospel of Mark where even the Twelve Apostles appeared to be very slow learners – almost seemingly dumb – as far as the divine identity of the Master was concerned, it is just too much to narrate today that evil spirits easily recognized Jesus as the Son of God. But that is precisely the point. Belonging to the circle of Christ does not mean immediate understanding of who Christ really is. The opposite is likewise true: Not belonging to the circle of Jesus – and in this case, the evil spirits – does not mean not knowing who Jesus really is. Therefore, it is not really a matter of knowing or understanding, but of following.

The Twelve, though really looking dumb with their inability to understand who Jesus was, continued following Jesus. And in the process of following Him, they came to know and believe in Him, slowly – even painstakingly slowly – but nonetheless they came to know and believe.
The evil spirits literally never followed Jesus, despite the fact that they already knew who He really was. But whenever Jesus commanded them to leave from a person, they could not do anything but obey because Jesus had power over them. He still does and they still do.

There are still many individuals who claim that they know Jesus more than others do. The Twelve never made such a claim. But evil spirits, as all four gospels – not only Mark – prove, arrogantly claim that they knew Jesus: the Son of God.

Fear not if you claim that you still lack in the knowledge of Christ. Just follow Him. Continue following Him. Follow Him humbly. For it is His knowledge that will ultimately claim you in all your fullness.


At 12:01 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good pm,Fr. The title that you used in your piece reminds me of an incident when I went to Blumentritt, years ago.It is a common knowledge that there are a lot of peddlers, manghihilot and beggars,and even mandurukot in that vicinity. As I passed by in front of the San Roque Church, on that fateful afternoon, there was this old lady-beggar,blind in fact, who was being shooed away by some vendors and by ambulant people passing by. She could not see a thing , so she bumped everything and everyone coming her way. And then coming from her lips she asked everyone "Nakita n'yo na ba si Kristo?" It hit me like a thunderbolt!Indeed, what a question. Have we truly see Christ in each of us? She was an epitome of Christ in that moment.In fact I have seen her way back when she was still strong and able ,not yet blind, selling flowers and sweepstakes tickets.Have bought some from here.This woman, who was being liked by her colleagues before, was the same blind woman who was being shooed by them.Like Christ.At first He was welcomed and the next thing, He was crucified .Moved by her , I gave her food to eat. Holding my hand, she could not see with her eyes but she she could see through her heart, she thanked and blessed me.But it should be the other way around, I should be the one who should thank her,for giving me food for my soul.That was the last day I saw her.I don't know where she is right now, in heaven , I hope.


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