14 January 2009


Wednesday in the First Week of Ordinary Time
Mk 1:29-39

“Everybody is looking for you,” Simon and his companions told Jesus. Immediately, this brings to my mind the very first question God asked man in the Garden of Eden: “Where are you?” (Gn 3:9).

In Gn 3:9, it is God who searches for man after man fell from His grace. In the gospel today, it is men who search for Jesus who gave them an experience of God’s care.

When God searched for Adam in the Garden of Eden, God found him hiding. When the people in the gospel searched for Jesus, they found Him moving on. In both instances, the search was successful but different. Successful in the sense that both God and man found whom they searched. Different because they found them in opposite situations: God found man hiding while men found Jesus moving on.

God found man hiding because man sinned against Him. To hide is almost always the first act of guilt. Adam broke God’s rule in the Garden and his eyes were opened not only to the fact that he (and his wife, Eve) were naked but also to the evil of his disobedience to his Creator. Hiding was an easy escape. But a false one. For no one can escape for a long while, only run.

When the people in the gospel found Jesus moving on, Jesus was not running away. He did not want to hide from them. If He wanted to escape, why did He even invite them: “Let us go elsewhere”? He even revealed where He meant to go: “to the neighboring country towns.” Jesus was not escaping, was not hiding, and was not running away. He was moving on. And if the people really wanted to find Him, they too must move on.

Have you found Jesus? If not, can it be that you are hiding?


At 9:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Father God, even if we try to hide from you, you will always find us, to save us. Your plan during the time of Adam and Eve was disrupted because of disobedience but your new plan to send your Son to the Blessed Mother was accomplished.

Help us to be in tune with you in all the days of our lives.

God Bless po...

At 4:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are our confidante Lord, You are a friend, teach us to always open up and unload all things, surrender everything, because thru surrender, this is how we can achieve something worthwhile in life. Give that kind of heart to us. Amen - rory

At 5:33 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lord , God, we always look around to search for you but instead , you search for us.You found us, it is not us who found you.....Thank you.


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