10 December 2006


Saturday of the 1st Week of Advent
Mt 9:35-10:1,6-8

The Israelites are the Chosen People of God. God directly intervened in their history to form them into one nation. Moreover, it was from their race that the Redeemer of the world came. The Israelites are a very privileged people. They did nothing to deserve such a singular gift. The stories of the unfaithfulness of the Israelites to God, which we can read in the Bible, underline the gratuity of this privilege.

But when God gives a privilege, He likewise gives a mission. The privilege of being the Chosen People of God is also the mission of being God’s witness to the world. Thus, Jesus admonished His disciples to first go to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.

But did Israel listen?

“He came to His own but His own people did not welcome Him,” says Jn 1:11.

Sometimes we miss great opportunities in life. But may we never miss the privileges that the Lord gives us. In those privileges we also come to know our mission in life.


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