29 November 2006


Wednesday of the 34th Week in Ordinary Time
Lk 21:12-19

Are you bald? Are you experiencing receding hairline?

I heard this joke from one of the bishops I emulate most, Bishop Ted Bacani. He said, “When God created men, He created them bald. The ugly ones, He covered with hair.”

Of course, the good bishop was only joking. There is no theological basis for what the good-humored bishop said. But is it not true that if one is really good-looking he does not need a hair covering to be pleasant to behold? If one is truly good-looking, he should be attractive with or without hair.

But the world has a different way of describe beauty. Very often, we are bombarded with material things we can apply on or wear in our bodies to look pleasant. Very often, too, such a pleasant-look is deceiving. Quite frequent, it goes against the values that Jesus holds.

Jesus alone makes us beautiful – hair or no hair. Perhaps, that is the reason why no hair will be lost by one who makes a firm stand for Jesus. No hair is needed to look truly beautiful. And losing some of it, if ever, due to our witnessing to Jesus accounts for nothing. All we need is Jesus to be truly beautiful.

May we stand beautiful when Jesus comes again – hair or no hair. Those who are not ready for His coming might still scramble to find something to cover their heads with. Perhaps a toupee. Ugly…people always know you are wearing one when you are wearing one.


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