04 December 2006


Monday in the 1st Week of Advent
Mt 8:5-11

One Christmas in the life of St. Therese of Lisieux, her father came home with gifts for each of his children. The children were so excited to open their gifts while little Therese remained seated in a corner. Papa picked her up, placed her on his lap, and asked her, “Therese, are you not excited over the gift I have for you this Christmas?” Little Therese replied, “No, Papa, I am excited over your Christmas gift for me. But the gift I most want is you because, beside the gift you have for me, you can also give me all the gifts you gave my siblings.”

Each day we have something to ask from the Lord. We may not get what we want but the Lord always supplies for what we need. As in the Gospel today, healing was requested from the Lord. And healing the Lord gave. But more than healing was received. Because of faith, the centurion received the Healer Himself. The centurion might have found himself unworthy to welcome Jesus under his roof, but Jesus was already residing in his heart by faith.

As we anticipate the great gift of Christmas, may we not lose sight of the Giver. The Gift is the Giver Himself: Jesus Christ.

When we ask for healing each day, let us not miss receiving the Healer Himself. Jesus is our Healing and Healer at the same time.

St. Therese of Lisieux as young as a child knew what to ask for. She wanted the Giver Himself. She is fondly called “The Little Flower” but undeniably, she was a “Big Saint”. Her desire was bigger; she wanted the Giver Himself. She desired for Jesus and Jesus she received.


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