29 October 2010


Monday of the 31st Week in Ordinary

When I was a kid, Superman fascinated me a lot. I often wondered how it felt to have his superpowers and what I would do if I had them. Among his superpowers, what intrigued me most was his x-ray vision. Superman could see through walls with his naked eyes.

But as I grew older and continued watching my favorite superhero, I noticed that his x-ray vision was limited after all. He could see though closed doors and thick walls, but Superman could not see through a person’s heart. His x-ray vision was simply just that – an x-ray vision – as an x-ray machine reveals a person’s bones but not a person’s bone marrow.

I wonder what would happen if we were all gifted with an x-ray vision that makes us see not only that lies behind closed doors but also within closed hearts. What would happen if, through our naked eyes, we could perceive the motives of every person for every thing he or she does? Everything revealed; nothing concealed. Then we would know why we are invited to a party and others would also know why we invited them to ours. Motives would be clear like never before. The revelation might really be surprising!

Superman had his x-ray vision but he could not see people’s motives crystal-clear because x-rays do not reveal a person’s intention and the eyes can be deceived so easily. But God can see the heart and all that is in it. God cannot be deceived. And know what? He is looking at you even as you read this.


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