28 July 2008


Monday of the 17th Week in Ordinary Time
Mt 13:31-35

I have an adopted son: Pipo. Each time I watch him from some distance, I cannot help but be amazed at how much and how fast he has grown after seven years. When Pipo was brought to me, he was only less than two weeks old and weighed only 1.8 kilos. Now, he weighs almost 30 kilos. Seven years ago, he was undernourished. Today, he is overweight. He has indeed grown.

The gospel today also talks about the mystery of growing. The first parable clearly tells us that, in itself, the kingdom of God grows. The second says something even more: the kingdom of God makes what it touches grow too.
Growth is a clear sign of life. Anything without life does not grow. Pipo is alive; thus, he grows. The kingdom of God, too, has a life of its own. It likewise grows.
Making others grow, however, is more than a sign of life. It is a proof of maturity. Once the child has grown and matured, he learns to take care of others, to nurture the life of another individual, to give and not only to receive. The kingdom of God, likewise, has taken its roots and borne fruits when he who belongs to it becomes an agent of that kingdom in making others grow.
It is amazing to see someone or something grow. But it is always more a cause of wonder and thanksgiving to witness someone or something make another being or reality grow.
The kingdom of God is like a seed planted in our hearts. Watch it grow. Let it grow. But, remember, it is meant to do more than that. It should also make others grow. If the kingdom of God in our hearts truly makes others grow, then certainly it has not remained a seed only. It is not only alive in us. It has matured, making itself, through us, alive in others as well.
When this year started, I noticed something new in my dear Pipo. He started asking for pets for him to take care of. First, a dog. Then, a fish. Then, some hamster. Am amused because sometimes he also wants an elephant and a horse for pets. But, still, am amazed at him because his nurturing side is starting to manifest itself and develop. Now, he does not only want to be cared for; he also wants to care for others, too. I am grateful that Pipo is not only growing; now, he also wants to help others grow. He is on the right path to maturity. I continue to watch my dear Pipo grow, and as I help him grow, I feel the kingdom of God growing and growing.


At 10:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lord Jesus, there are many concerns and problems that were brought about by too much abuse on anything and greed. While these elements are destructive,give us the grace Lord,so that we will have the willingness to set aside the monsters of worsening economy, the global warming and drought, starvation, etc. Make our hearts grow not only for us but for others too. Give us Your compassion so that we can be compassionate so that others may live, while we watch them grow, it is a sure delight in Your heart as well as ours.
O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, hear our prayer. Amen.


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