06 December 2007


Thursday in the 1st Week of Advent
Mt 7:21.24-27

Many years back, a TV ad for a certain brand of cigarette said, “A little practice goes a long, long way.” While it is always never healthy to practice smoking, there was truth in the selling theme of that brand of cigarette: more practice makes perfect. A little practice each day may seem to be insignificant, but without daily practice, we cannot get anywhere. A Chinese proverb says, “A thousand miles begin with a single step.” Taking a step each day brings us where we want to be.

The same is true with Christian discipleship. Knowing the Lord will never get us anywhere in our spiritual growth unless we put into practice what has been revealed to us by Christ. Belonging to His Kingdom is never a matter of knowing only. It is a matter of doing.

Sometimes when an applicant for a job wants to make an impression, he or she name-drops as he or she presents his or her credentials. Sometimes, it works. More often, it does not. But always, name-dropping is not a good practice.

We know the Lord but knowing Him is never enough. Knowing Him should lead us to imitating Him. Know Jesus so that we may live like Jesus.

The movement from knowing to doing takes time. Let us not be discouraged if it happens slowly or if we experience failures along the way. Practicing smoking does not really go a long, long way because it shortens life. But practicing what the Lord teaches does go a long, long way because it gives eternal life.


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