28 December 2006


Feast of the Holy Innocents, Martyrs
Mt 2:13-18

It is very unfortunate that just because today is the Feast of the Holy Innocents (“Niños Inocentes” as we call it), some people think it is alright to do practical jokes on anyone. I suppose “innocents” here is gravely misunderstood.

Innocence is not naiveté. Being innocent is not appearing ridiculous or being treated like a moron. It is not being stupid. Innocence means blamelessness. And these were what the children massacred by King Herod in his pursuit to kill the Baby Jesus. They were blameless and yet the blame seemed to be placed on them by the insane tetrarch.

When the blameless become the blamed, they become martyrs. When the unblemished are violated, they are martyred. When the innocent are regarded guilty, they become martyrs.

But who really is guilty in the massacre of the Holy Innocents?

Not Jesus, but Herod. He is guilty of murder. The blood of the martyred children of Israel cries out to heaven for justice. Herod did not have his day in court, but he served his sentence. He never had a peaceful reign and his end was so horrible and disgusting. Scriptures say that he died, spitting out his bowels.

Certainly, this day is not a joke. This is a day of serious reflection for us. Have we pronounced the innocent guilty? Have we violated the unblemished? Have we blamed the blameless? If we have, we may not have our day in court but we will serve our sentence.

Anyone who wants to joke about this?


At 10:45 AM , Anonymous Bubut said...

Father God, we pray for the Holy Innocents as well us the other children in the whole world that was aborted. May we see the importance of life and how God has blessed us to be able to serve and love Him.

God bless po.


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