22 December 2006


Friday in the 3rd Week of Advent
Lk 1:46-56

When two persons who are greatly blest meet, what usually happens? They engage in a very lively exchange. This is what happens today in the Gospel.

Elizabeth, even in her old age and barrenness, conceived. Mary, despite her young age and virginity, conceived as well. Both women were not only greatly blest; they were blest beyond imagination! Today, the Gospel focuses on the meeting of these two unimaginably blest women and their exchange was so lively that Elizabeth’s child jumped even in the womb while Mary rejoices even unto her soul.

Mary’s canticle, the “Magnificat”, highlights their rendezvous. The “Magnificat”, in turn, highlights what God has done. The canticle focuses on God’s action in behalf of His People, Israel. God’s action in behalf of His People, Israel, underscores God’s fidelity to His promise of mercy to Abraham and his children forever.

How greatly blest we can really be if every meeting we have with anyone highlights God’s works in our life! Instead of talking about other people’s lives, speak about God’s action in our life. Discern with everyone we meet how God moves in our life. Focus on God’s faithfulness to us rather than on the infidelity of others.

Christmas can be a whole-year round celebration if we proclaim everyday with everyone how God comes and enters into our life. Christmas should not be reduced to a mere annual commemoration of the Lord’s birth. It must be a daily experience when we focus not on our selves nor on others but on God.


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