21 December 2006


Thursday in the 3rd Week of Advent
Lk 1:39-35

First there were the men; now the ladies. First, we heard the stories of the two husbands – Joseph and Zechariah; today we listen to Mary’s and Elizabeth’s, their wives. The angel of the Lord visited Joseph and Zechariah; Joseph in a dream while Zechariah in the Holy of Holies. This time, after the angel’s visit to her, Mary went in haste to visit her cousin, Elizabeth. Mary was like Elizabeth’s angel.

Three reasons why Mary was like Elizabeth’s angel:

God sends us angels to help us. Mary went to Elizabeth to help her. As the Gospel says, she even went in haste to serve her cousin until her cousin gave birth to John the Baptist. Mary was like Elizabeth’s angel.

Angels are God’s messengers. Mary went to Elizabeth to share with her the news about the Holy Baby she also was carrying in her womb. As the Gospel today says that Mary did not even have to utter a single word to make Elizabeth – and her son still in the womb – rejoice. Mary’s mere visit was a source of great joy. Mary’s visit was like a visit of an angel to Elizabeth and, of course, to her son, John, as well who even in the womb leapt for joy.

Angels are servants of God. Mary went to Elizabeth not only to serve her and share with her the news of her own childbearing. She visited her cousin to bear witness to God’s fidelity to His promise. “Yes, blessed is she who believed that the promise of the Lord to her would be fulfilled,” Elizabeth easily recognized Mary’s witnessing. Mary reminded Elizabeth about God’s faithfulness to His people and to those who obey Him. As God’s witness to Elizabeth, Mary was a servant of God. Angels are like that too.

When we go to help, to share, and to give witness to God, we, too, are like angels. Many times in a single day, we are visited by angels disguised as the people we meet. Many times in a single day, we can choose to be angels too.

Are you an angel today?


At 9:46 AM , Anonymous Bubut said...

Father God, thank you for sending angels in my life, to protect me or help me. Most especially for people who act like angels and came to remind us or help us that God is always in control, so we must have our faith in YOU.

God bless po.


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