16 November 2010


Wednesday in the 33rd Week of the Ordinary Time
Lk 19:11-28

The third servant in the parable, who is punished by his master for not making an interest out of what is entrusted to him, is not a hardened criminal or a notorious sinner. He is punished not for anything bad he did, but for the good he did not do. His reason: fear.

The third servant in the parable fears his master very much. He is afraid to invest the money given him because he is afraid of his master who may punish him just the same in case he does not only not make interest but, worse, lose the whole amount entrusted to him. He is afraid to risk. But unless he risks, he will not make any profit. Thus, he did nothing evil by hiding his master’s money in a linen for safety, but by doing so, he likewise did not do anything good with what has been entrusted to him.

Fear, indeed, is our greatest enemy in living our lives to the full. Fear, likewise, will bring upon us our own perdition if we allow it to rule our lives. Fear harms us, paralyzes us, and kills us.
What is the antidote to fear?

Love is the antidote to fear. St. Paul wrote, “Perfect love drives away all fears.” When we love somebody, we are not afraid to risk everything, including life, for him. When we are assured that the other loves us, we are not afraid to risk also. Taking risks is inevitably essential to loving. And love is the antidote to fear.

The king in the parable today appears to be an unlovable and unloving person. That is the main difficulty of the third servant. He is ruled by fear of his master because he has little love for him and apparently vice-versa. The king in the parable today obviously does not stand for God. Parables are not meant to make direct analogies.

God is ever lovable and loving. So, why be afraid of Him? Risk!


At 10:52 PM , Anonymous rose said...

When we risk everything to someone, including life, there is no assurance that they will do the same. (But it does not matter at all.) But with Jesus, there are no regrets; He is absolutely true to His words. His bitter passion on the cross showed His perfect love for us (sinners).

Lord, we pray to give us the courage to surrender ourselves (our minds, hearts and soul) to You, so we can cast away all fears. Amen.

At 2:51 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

five points to emphasize:
1) the higher the risk the higher the return, this is one of the basic principles in business and i guess also in life..
2) being an "indifferent" is not bad but it's also not good..
3) "go out of the box, out of the comfort zone"..
4) fear not cause the Lord is with us..
5) love is the answer for everything..

such an ironic thing to say these premises cause even i, im afraid to risk cause im happy(i guess) in the box where i belong.. i always set boundaries between me and other people other than me.. attitude problem.. i hope God will find ways for me...

Lord, we pray for your good hands to touch us and make us realized and learn deeply the love you have shown..


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