11 June 2007


Memorial of St. Barnabas, Apostle
Mt 10:7-13

St. Barnabas, whose blessed memory we celebrate today, hailed from Cyprus. He was of great importance to the spread of the Gospel because he was the one who introduced St. Paul to the other apostles and testified to the latter’s conversion. The work of Paul in preaching the Gospel to the gentiles needed the apostles’ approval, since the apostles were the pillars of the Church.

Having gained the approval of the apostles, Paul went to an extensive preaching of the Gospel and building up of Christian communities. Barnabas was his companion in his first missionary journey. In the First Council of Jerusalem, Barnabas was also there with Paul.

After converting many souls for Christ, Barnabas suffered martyrdom at Cyprus where he preached during Nero’s reign. He is considered an “apostle” too.

We are sometimes called to be like Barnabas. We are needed to introduce someone to the Christian community and testify to his or her conversion. We do not realize the importance of our role until we see its fruit. Barnabas’ role produced a “St. Paul”. Thanks be to God! Barnabas was an apostle to the apostles.


At 3:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the charismatic community I am connected with, I was assigned to lead praise & worship service last year with the theme about the Eucharist. After the service, everyone said I have the gift of preaching. So, I was assigned again this year with the theme about the Transfiguration. Again, everyone affirmed I have the gift of preaching. Praise God! But until I see the fruits of my "preaching" it will be hard for me to believe that I do have the gift. I do not expect to produce a "St. Paul." I just wish to be able to bring my brothers & sisters in the community to be more devoted to the Eucharist, liturgy, the Sciptures... they may be impressed with HOW I deliver, but if in their hearts they do not receive WHAT I deliver and respond to it, what's the use?
-honey, grnblt chpl


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