15 March 2007


Thursday in the 3rd Week of Lent
Lk 11:14-23

Do you feel scattered, fragmented, diffused? Jesus holds the answer to your ailment. Gather with Jesus. Gather in Jesus. Gather through Jesus.

Are we unhappy even with despite doing good? Why? If we equate happiness with doing good, then we will really be unhappy because Jesus alone is the true Source of real joy. Gather with Jesus.

Do we join many church organizations and movements, but we feel so heavily burdened? When will we learn not to spread ourselves too thin? The quantity of our commitments is far lesser important than their quality. It is always better to belong to one than to a hundred groups than belong to a hundred groups but never be committed to one. Jesus alone makes us valuable. Gather in Jesus.

Do we have many valid concerns, but know that only one is important? What is really important is what is important for Jesus. Thus, the necessity for discernment to know what truly matters to Jesus. Through Jesus, we avoid being fragmented in paying attention to our many concerns. Gather through Jesus.

A divided community is bad. A divided household is worse. But an individual divided in himself or herself is worst. Only with Jesus can we arrive at wholeness again. Only in Jesus can we be whole again. Only through Jesus can wholeness really be holiness.

It is not by Beelzebul that Jesus drives out demons, for by driving demons out of the afflicted Jesus makes the afflicted whole again. Jesus drives out demons by the power of God that is inherent in Him because the power of God is a power that gathers, not scatters, a power that unites, not divides, a power that makes whole again.

We are all busy, who is not? We are all burdened, who is not? We are all pulled towards opposite direction, who is not? But our preoccupations, our burdens, and everything that demands our attention need not ruin us, unless we do not gather with, in and through Jesus.

Do you feel scattered, fragmented, diffused? Talk to Jesus. He has the cure.


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